Photo: an image from Onika Reigns', first healing artist resident, in 2017.
The banner reads:
"In this tent:
  • No Shoes
  • No anti-blackness
  • No native erasure
  • No white feminism
  • No "white men from town"
  • No respectability politics
  • No colorism
  • No Beckys or Brads from Bakery Square
Take that shit and Burn It
This is a place of rest"

Applications due May 26, 2021

Notification of residency status: June 28

Residency dates: August 2-September 20, 2021


The Healing Artist Residency is open to Black healers of any modality or tradition. We look for healers who are using healing practices to articulate liberatory strategies, healers that are intimately aware of the relationship between the personal, the communal, and the global. We look for healers who understand systems of oppression yet work with the infinite possibilities of being and creation that have sustained and fed liberation movements everywhere. The ideal candidate will have at least 3 years of healing experience rooted in the community and is interested in devoting time to deepening their own practice as well as research and publication of healing praxis.  We encourage Hoodoo healers and queer and trans healers to apply. 


The Healing Artist Residency runs from August 2- September 20, 2021. 



What we provide: 

  • $1000 Stipend

  • Marketing, technical, research, and logistical support for workshops, artist talks & research projects. 

  • Year-Long JSTOR JPASS account

  • Publication and dissemination of research. 

  • Community Platform for offering Virtual Workshops

  • Promotion of an offering created during the residency

  • 3 meetings with a Healing Artist Mentor. 


What we do not provide: 


  • Physical space for work & workshops

  • Stipends or monetary compensation beyond the stipend listed above. 

  • Supplies beyond what we are able to procure (we will work to support your needs!)


What our Healing Artist in Residence agrees to: 

  • 1-3  completed essays furthering the development of the Healing Artist field, specifically for the benefit of the Black community. 

  • 2 community workshops. 

  • Further the development of a specific project geared towards supporting the wellness and wellbeing of Black people. 

Apply here or e-mail joy@gardenofpeaceproject.org with your questions.