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Trans Voices VI: Real life #Pgh2PR

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Trans Voices, going into its sixth iteration, has evolved to be a multi-layered, original project designed by black trans folks centering black trans folks lives and lived experiences. What began as a nostalgic reflection of the Vagina Monologues between two people has morphed into a 10-week series of free intensive workshops for trans artists from many disciplines, some who don’t even know they have a discipline.

Ages: 18+ (virtual workshops are open to folks of any age)


Application is live. Get your application in by September 11

(We have extended the deadline 1 week). We're taking 15 people.

This year we are going to try our hand at making some of the writing intensives available live online.

++++ First Session ++++

Join us beginning September 4 at 6pm outside of the Carnegie Library Pittsburgh - Main Library. We will go for short walk together, meditate at sunset, and have our first collective writing experience. 

++++ What We're Doing ++++

Last year's crew wanted to change it up a bit. This year we will only do 2 events, one invite-only intimate dinner for family and friends and one public performance + marketplace + installation.


And then, we're leaving to visit our siblings in Puerto Rico and do some things that we have done before! Horseback riding, jumping into the ocean, visiting Old San Juan and the forts, getting on a boat, eating the best roadside Puerto Rican meal you've ever had, and so much more!!


++ Up to 15 people

++ Ages 18-35

++ We will cover food and housing!

++ Registration is $555 + travel costs

++ Scholarships are available on a rolling basis!

Loiza, Puerto Rico

For years our #TransVoices family has dreamed of traveling together. Road trips. New countries. Seeing the ocean. 22 people traveling together across the ocean to an island. We are doing something magical. Trans folks exploring the World together. Meeting trans folks from around the globe.

Yes, we have manifested this moment! We created this opportunity for us to heal, grow, and experience. No one knows love and compassion more than us. We can hold ourselves and each other accountable. Let's come together with intentionality, we have the capacity to move mountains.

We are the catalyst -- we are everything!

Here, we will call on our ancestors and ask that they guide us as we continue to build on the groundwork we have laid. Let’s dream together.

The weekend will be dedicated to cultivating spaces of healing vulnerability and action. We will workshop techniques, tools, and resources to take revolutionary steps of transformation.

Trans Voices 2015

This is a four-day revival and celebration centering black trans folks. We pray and have church. We sing. We laugh. We eat (&& we eat good)! We meditate. We have communion and fellowship. We come together to celebrate the brilliance of our community. We speak our joys and our sorrow.

Here we have courageous conversations. We choose to sit in our vulnerabilities as we act as witness. We challenge ideas around resistance and art and who has access to create, claim, and reclaim spaces.

We declare this a holy and sacred space to fellowship, share, and celebrate the things that we have been told to hate about ourselves. We collectively celebrate our stories, our bodies, and our survival. We celebrate the fact that we are the survivors.. all of us.

To pay for your spot or sponsor this event, visit

Trans Voices 2017, Resident Artist Kineen Maafa

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